Building your committees

Building your team

  • You are a leader of leaders – that is the most important part of your role. You cannot lead, however, without individuals on your team. You determine the strategy, your committee executes on that strategy. As a leader, you are expected to:
    • form and maintain a committee of volunteers
    • actively invite members to participate on committees. Committees vary in size, structure, and levels of sophistication.
    • You define how often you meet with your committees and the delegation of work activities.

Finding your leaders

  • You can never have too many and should always be prepared to have backups in place. Tapping on the shoulder is key.
  • Begin with existing committees – who is still there? Who will continue? Who will step away?
  • Ask for suggestions from your board
  • Tap into your network – do you have colleagues, or acquaintances that would be perfect for a role? Ask!
  • Reach out to large groups on social media – use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Post in your regional member community - this is a great way to tap into existing HBA members who might not already be involved 
  • Attend HBA events – your own events are one of the best places to find and recruit new talent. Attend as many as possible with your eye open for individuals seeking involvement.

Supporting your team

  • Develop one of your committee members as your successor. Think about succession planning early
  • Share your knowledge/wisdom
  • Help your volunteers identify an HBA career path and support it, even if it means moving off of your team
  • Recognition goes a very long way