Volunteer application approval - detailed steps

Step 1: Log in to the HBA website

Step 2: Click the “manage opportunities page” link from the notification email:

  • Alternatively, you can visit your regional member community and click on "volunteer" under settings (you will be required to log in if you are not alredy): 

Step 3: From the landing page with list of all opportunities, find the opportunity for which you received an email and click on the link next to “awaiting approval”:

Step 4: Find the applicant that just applied (if there are multiple for that opportunity) and click “view application”:

Step 5: From the window that pops up with the application, select all relevant text, right-click to "print" and save as PDF: 

Step 6: Send the application to the appropriate individual(s) (for example, this is a chapter DAL role, and the chapter EC appoints chapter DALs; full list of who appoints who here).We recommend setting a reminder to follow-up for at least one week later. I have the text below saved as a signature so I don't have to retype each time:

Please see the application attached for the {chapter/region and role here}. If you have not already, please set up a time to conduct an interview for this position and let us know at your earliest convenience if {she/he} is appointed.

Step 7: Mark the application approved (or rejected based) on the response from the approving parties. Approval in the system is what provides access to: 

  • Communities associated with the role
  • Reports and functions via their HBA profile
  • Adds them to the board page associated with the role

Note: clicking "approve selected" will send an email to the applicant with the information below. Choosing "reject selected" does not notify them - please be sure a member of the appropriate approving team follows up with anyone not selected for the role they applied for. 

Dear (first name), 

You've been approved for (insert role). Access to resources associated with your role has been granted.
We recommend you take a moment to review and bookmark our Resource Center, which is our on-demand repository for HBA volunteer training materials, quick-reference guides and on-boarding tools. It was created to enhance the value of all our volunteer’s experiences, regardless of their role or level of leadership, and optimize to your success with a fantastic search feature to help you find exactly what you need exactly when you need it without needing to log in to your profile on the HBA website.
 As a reminder, details about this opportunity can be found on HBA Community.
 Thank you for your willingness to lend yourself to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare.
 Please let me know if you have any questions,

Katie Cammer
 Senior manager, growth and expansion
 Healthcare Businesswomen's Association