What is a Lunch and Learn?

Event Content

A Lunch and Learn is an event coordinated between a local HBA chapter/region and a company to raise awareness of HBA within an organization. HBA volunteers deliver these sessions to the company's employees to provide them with:

  • An  overview of HBA and its mission
  • Introduction to HBA's local presence in that area
  •  Opportunities for professional development and how to get involved
  • Events and programs
  • Alignment of the HBA with the company's initiatives and priorities

The HBA Overview deck is a great place to start: About the HBA deck

Event Logistics

Invitations and the promotion of these events are held entirely within the company and are not listed on the HBA website or open to outside attendees. These events are a team effort between the company, the region's Corporate Relations department, and the local chapter. The company handles most logistical planning, the Corporate Relations team guides HBA offerings, and the local chapter provides representatives to present HBA information onsite to the attendees.

HBA Lunch and Learns - Process, Key Insights and Best Practices.pptx