About the HBA brand - messaging

A United Force for Change

When members of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association come together, it’s with a shared purpose: to be a United Force for Change. We connect diverse groups of both women and men, across all healthcare and life science disciplines. By taking focused action in service of our goals, we’re creating a powerful movement that drives professional opportunity and directly advances corporate growth. We believe that by joining forces in the relentless pursuit of gender parity, we are doing more than uniting individuals—we are strengthening the business of healthcare.

Audience Specific Messages

Corporate Partners

Uniting around the changing face of healthcare is the key to a competitive edge. And it’s the smart business leader who anticipates that new direction. Through HBA, you’ll connect with the diverse industry voices who will be the architects of this shift—supporting your long-term growth and bolstering your success.

Business Professionals

We connect you with other passionate healthcare and life science professionals with a shared commitment to gender parity. By fostering a supportive and diverse environment, we give you the freedom to explore new skills, advance your career, and be a catalyst for change.

Brand Messaging Pillars


Our strength comes from our diverse partnerships. We drive change by uniting women and men of all backgrounds in a shared purpose—offering everyone a voice and a seat at the table.

Radical Hospitality

By building a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, we create a genuine sense of unity among all our members. Through deeper and more meaningful connections, we strengthen our efforts toward change.

Professional Enrichment

We create opportunities for our members to grow their skill sets in an open and supportive environment, promoting global change through individual advancement.

Business Growth

We unite diverse viewpoints and areas of expertise, understanding that gender parity in the healthcare and life science businesses is a vital change—not only for individual advancement, but for corporate success.

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