Meet the HBA Events

Meet the HBA events are sessions designed primarily to attract new members and/or recapture former members. They are complimentary, small events, with no expenses or revenue. They are open to members and nonmembers. An example of this event type might be a “coffee chat” or happy hour; the focus is on meeting and connecting with new/former members to talk about the HBA. These are typically informal and not content-focused events.

  1. Decide on the date, time, and location of the event. Be sure to keep in mind that no expenses can be incurred for this event.
  2. Determine who will be the point person for the event
  3. Point person reserves a table if meeting at a location with tables such as a restaurant.
  4. Committee lead opens the event for listing on the website
  5. Attendance reports can be pulled from your profile to get a list of those who have signed up; see how-to document for details.
  6. Point person attends the event, engages with new/former members casually
    • See elevator speech below for HBA talking points
  7. Point person collects contact information of those with membership questions or in need of other followup
  8. Point person sends a brief description of the event to committee lead for tracking purposes (how many attended, did any attendees decide to join/rejoin.)

Elevator speech example.docx

How to run an event attendance report