How to setup an event series

When putting together a program (series of events) the event set-up process is the same, but we often get questions on the best way to submit this information. We hope this guidance will help, and feel free to reach out to with additional questions.

As always, if this is an educational program, please secure all your dates and times using Calendly. Please submit each individual date and time into Calendly. Once approved, you can submit the series to open registration through the event set-up portal in your HBA member profile.

* Option 1  - If your series of events includes one price for the entire series and one webpage, please submit only one event set-up form. Include in your “Event Description” pictured below, the different session descriptions with the dates in which they will take place. If you have different speakers for each session, include who will be speaking for which session in this area.

Please note that only one event reminder will be emailed to registrants prior to the first event (rather than before EACH event). If you choose this option, we strongly encourage including language encouraging registrants to save the zoom links as calendar appointments in their personal calendars.

In the "Additional Information" section, let us know (if virtual) if you will have one link for all sessions or different zoom links for the different sessions.

Be sure to include all speakers and all sponsors (if applicable) for all your sessions in this one event set-up form.

* Option 2 - If you wish to make your series of events available as separate offerings (a pick-and-choose model), please fill out the event set-up form for EACH individual event. This will create a separate event page for each session in your series. Registrants can sign up for individual sessions. If you wish to include a series registration price for the entire series in addition to the separate session pricing, please clearly indicate the price for the whole series in the “Additional Information” section. HBA staff can manually add this registration option for you.

Should you have additional questions or concerns when planning out a series, or during the event set-up process, please feel free to reach out to for assistance.