How to open an event for registration

Event registration pages are set up using the HBA Event Setup portal, which is located in your HBA profile on the lefthand purple navigation bar. Chapter programming and engagement DALs, Regional Education/Events and Engagement Presidents, and the Education and Events Directors for the global affinity groups have access to this module. If you do not see the "Event Setup" link in your profile, please contact Please visit our virtual programming guidance page for more information. 

Select "Add New Event" button to input your new event.

  1. Select your event type from the drop-down menu (i.e. Meet the HBA, Make the most of your HBA Membership, Networking or Education)
  2. Select if you are holding a virtual, in-person, or hybrid event
    • If you are holding a virtual event, the event setup portal will prompt you to add your virtual meeting link in the next step.
    • Likewise, if you are holding an in-person event, the event setup portal will prompt you for a physical address.
    • If submitting a hybrid event, the event setup portal will ask you for both the virtual link and physical address.
  3. Complete the required fields on the first page, and click "Next" to go to the next page. (Tip: Only click the "Next" button once).
  4. On the final page, you will set the pricing for your event. Pricing must follow the guidelines listed in the HBA Policy Handbook and our Events-at-a-Glance chart.
  5. Add speakers and sponsors for the event (if applicable). 
    • If you have speakers at your event, please ensure that they acknowledge our HBA Speaker Agreement via their HBA profile (Note: when entering speakers and sponsors into the form, both must have a profile in the HBA database to be added to your event. We encourage all event teams to follow our event speaker administration guidance prior to setting their event up for registration. Tip: Type last name, first name when searching.
    • If you cannot locate your speaker, please ask them to create a free profile.
    • If you cannot locate your sponsoring company, you can add them to our database.
    • New!  You can now designate which speaker is your moderator by selecting Speaker Type. You can also now select the order in which your speakers and sponsors appear. 
    • Be sure to "save".
  6. Change the status to "Submitted for Processing"
  7. Click "Finish". Congratulations you've submitted your event for processing!
  8. HBA staff will review your submission, finalize it, publish to the website, and open your event for registration. Please also note that your event is not published on the website until it is reviewed by HBA staff. You will receive a confirmation email once the event is live on the website and open for registration.
  9.  Once open for registration, be sure to monitor event attendance and promo code usage.

Events can be edited in both draft and published formats through your HBA portal.

If you encounter any difficulties with setting up an event or have additional questions, email, and HBA staff will be happy to assist.