HBA Event Types

Understand the HBA event types:

1. Recruitment events are designed to accomplish one of two goals – 1) explain the merits of HBA membership to prospective members or 2) welcome new and existing members. This is the perfect venue to answer questions from new and prospective members and show them the radical hospitality the HBA is known for. These events are informational meetings with content focused on what the HBA is and why membership is so valuable. These events are run by regional and chapter membership/engagement volunteers. Pricing for these events is zero. These events are open to members and nonmembers. There is no educational content outside of HBA information. Networking is encouraged as a part of all events if time and space allow.

2. Networking events are created to bring HBA members together and facilitate making personal and business connections. They should largely be open forum and encourage discussion and participation. Networking events can be centered around discussion of specific topics, a fitness activity, a book club discussion, a happy hour or any other format to facilitate discussion. We encourage having a facilitator to help drive the discussion when appropriate, but these events are not meant to provide education, but rather to provide an open, inclusive space to learn from one another. We encourage bringing your authentic selves, your lived experiences, and genuine interest in sharing with your new connections. Pricing for these events is at the event leaders’ discretion if informal, and a minimum of $10/€10 with any structure or for small group gatherings where space is limited or reservations required. These events are open to members-only, as this is a member benefit. 

A diagram depicting horizontal communication; showing information flowing between individuals of equal rank.

3. Educational events can be informal or formal and typically include an expert speaker or panel of speakers. Content varies but often is focused on industry topics, leadership, professional development, diversity and inclusion, gender parity, etc. Please see HBA’s guidance on appropriate topics. We encourage you to incorporate some time for networking, Q+A, or other methods of audience involvement, as part of your educational events. 

Minimum pricing for these events in a virtual setting are $10/€10 for members and $20/€20 for nonmembers.
Minimum pricing for these events in-person are $30/€30 (though this can be reduced to $25/€25 if a more informal event and your regional budget allows) for members and $45/€45 for nonmembers.

If you have questions about which event type your event is, you can always reach out to HBA staff at events@hbanet.org. Please feel free to refer to our Events-at-a-glance for a more in-depth look at pricing.