Marketing and communications

The marketing and communications DAL ensures affiliate compliance with HBA branding and is the primary liaison between the affiliate and HBA Central for event marketing/promotion and any affiliate communications.


Role description - Affiliate marketing and communications
Ensures compliance with HBA branding, including message consistency on signs, event materials, etc. Liaison between affiliate and HBA central for event marketing materials Event marketing and promotion  Works with programming ...
HBA PowerPoint template
Please use this PowerPoint template for all programs, meetings and presentations. HBA PPT template 16x9 (recommended).pptx ...
HBA Style Guide
2021 Edition The Basics Acronyms and Abbreviations Numbers Titles and Capitalizations Serial Commas and Myriad Dashes Other Punctuation When in Doubt 1. The Basics The HBA Always identify the HBA as the “Healthcare...
Brand Guidelines
HBA_Brand_Guidelines FINAL.pdf
HBA Membership Video
The HBA has created a video of testimonials which can be used to help market the value of membership.  The video is available on the HBA Youtube channel for use at events. You can also view the video directly here: Your browser does...
2021 HBA Fact Sheet
Here is the  2021 Fact Sheet.pdf
2020 Marketing How Tos
This deck includes information about ....View the deck at  2020 Marketing How Tos v2.pptx