Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communications is responsible for oversight of all regional marketing and communications, including email/newsletter content, HBA brand expertise, social media accounts, website content, copy writing, media engagement and regional marcomm strategy.


HBA PowerPoint template
Please use this PowerPoint template for all programs, meetings and presentations. HBA PPT template 16x9 (recommended).pptx ...
Brand Guidelines
HBA_Brand_Guidelines FINAL.pdf
Lucidpress training
How to and resources Before using the Lucidpress platform, please watch this informative training webinar .  UPDATE: Second informative training webinar now available. Watch the 30-min Lucidpress deep dive. . Visit ...
HBA "message from the regional chair" deadlines
The monthly message from the regional chair is a prime opportunity to directly address your region. This monthly outreach is your region's opportunity to create or close the loop among your various marketing channels and segments. Here are some...
HBA Membership Video
The HBA has created a video of testimonials which can be used to help market the value of membership.  The video is available on the HBA Youtube channel for use at events. You can also view the video directly here: Your browser does...
2020 HBA Fact Sheet
Here is the HBA's  2020 Fact Sheet.pdf
2020 Social Media Strategy
2020 Social Media Strategy_FINAL.docx
2020 Global Marketing Plan
View the 2020 Marketing Communications Plan Reg..docx (as of 21 January)
2020 Regional and Chapter Marketing Roles and Responsibilities
View the deck 2020 Regional and Chapter Marketing Roles.pptx
2020 Marketing How Tos
This deck includes information about ....View the deck at  2020 Marketing How Tos v2.pptx
Positioning and Brand Messaging (members & companies)
HBA Positioning & Brand Strategy Presentation July Final.pptx ...
About the HBA deck (Updated Oct 2020)
About HBA Overview Deck 2020 updated October.pptx