Role description - Summit Sponsorship Team Lead

The Summit Sponsorship Team Lead supports the preparation and planning for the Annual European Summit. Reports to the regional director, regional conferences.


  • Ensure that the Summit has a sufficient number of sponsors at the Summit.
  • Reviews existent Sponsorship packages and adapt them for the next Summit, ensuring profitability targets are met
  • Engages and consults with MCI & the CoE Corporate Relationship team, working closely and collaboratively with them, ensuring that the CoE is aware of all Sponsor movements at all times.
  • Introduces and confirms MCI to sponsors as the main point of contact for all administrative needs following the initial engagement
  • Engages and consults with MCI team, working closely and collaboratively with them, submits all sponsorship information to enable them to sign the contracts. Ensures the content of contract is correct.
  • Engages & consults regularly with Summit Director 
  • Ensures an efficient Sponsorship team structure is in place and that enough volunteers are in place to execute the Summit plan. Ensure that volunteers understand relevant policies and procedures, especially that HBA sponsor processes are followed
  • Held team members and stakeholders accountable in order to make sound and timely decisions
  • Will use event and project management tools and the HBA Cloud provided by MCI to ensure that every stakeholder has an excellent overview at all times.
  • Use sponsorship consultation offered by MCI 
  • Provides guidance and support for the Sponsorship team members, ensures coordination and collaboration among them. 
  • Can provide general overview of milestones and actions. Foster an environment where colleagues feel comfortable raising concerns and identifying risks.


  • Ownership & accountability 
  • Learner Mindset
  • Create confidence & engagement among volunteers
  • Role-model collective ownership

Time requirements: 10 hours a month