Membership Benefits (individual) - i.e. "designees"

All of HBA's Corporate Partner packages include a number of individual HBA memberships for their employees, which are designated by the company. 

These "designee" members receive all the same individual benefits as other HBA members, however their membership term aligns with their company's annual corporate partnership term. As an example, if a company signs on or renews their one-year partnership in January of any given year, but the employee doesn't redeem their membership until June, that individual will only enjoy six months of HBA membership. On membership reports, this individual will have "designee 6" listed as their membership type, indicating that they will receive 6 months of benefits.

Every HBA corporate partner determines their designees in the way that works best for them. Some companies designate their memberships to employees already engaged with HBA, others as a reward based on performance or to high-potential employees, others still send out a communication and the first employees to respond receive a membership. There is no right or wrong way to assign, HBA's goal is just to get the memberships redeemed as quickly as possible so the individuals receive as much membership time/benefit as possible.